Arewa Unity Schools

Building of Arewa Unity School

Blended Learning and Study Center, throught its Nigerian-based subsidiary KEO Blended E-Learning Ltd assumed a majority stake in Arewa Unity Schools (AUS) in May, 2019.

About Arewa Unity Schools

AUS is a Kaduna-based K-12 (or Nursery 1 to Senior Secondary School 3) private school with 367 students and 18 staff and faculty. AUS has been in operation for seven years, and it is fully accredited by the Nigerian Ministry of Education and is a member of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS). The Middle school/JSS1-3 has 38 males, and 30 female students; and the High School/SS1-3 has 22 male, and 24 female students. The elementary/primary school has about 76 students, and the nursery/pre-k to kindergarten school has about 142 students.

Nursery School Students Presenting their Projects.