BLASS College- and Career-Prep Secondary School


BLASS College- and Career-Prep High School

Blended Learning and Study Center (and KEO Blended E-Learning Ltd.) is offering a special hybrid high school called Blended Learning Academy for STEM Study (BLASS) College- and Career-prep High School to eligible students entering 9th grade through 12th grade (J.S.S. 3/S.S.S. 1 to S.S.S. 3 for Nigerian students). Admission is open only to students entering S.S.S.1 in the 2019/20 academic year that starts September 2019. Emphasis is placed upon the gestalt development of students to become college and career-ready using the LBIBLICE philosophy in a flexible school setting.

A great deal of commitment and a strong work ethic is necessary for students to succeed in this School. In addition to gaining valuable high school-college experience that serves to enhance your college and career-preparedness, selected students have the opportunity to work in their career fields while enrolled in BLASS College- and Career-Prep High School. Students accepted into the School will earn at least 60 college-, 12 graduate-, and numerous micro credentials, and workforce certifications by completing the residential, nonresidential summer, and academic year components. Since BLASS is a research-focused STEM School, students will also work with scientists and experts in the field to conduct their own experiments and complete research studies based on topics that interest them.  Since access to research supplies and venues must be augmented by the participants and their families, BLASS will provide each student with summer and academic year stipends.

BLASS Student Requirements

  1. Access to the internet is necessary to use with an internet-enabled computer, equipped with webcam, and microphone. You will use Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas LMS, D2L Brightspace LMS, and Moodle LMS, as well as various synchronous virtual meeting software. All sessions will be archived online for you to review. Students who do not own or have access to a computer with the required specifications will be given one on a lease. Parents of students under the age of 18 are liable for any loss or damage done to the computers received on a lease.


  1. A year-long commitment which spans from September 16 to June 15 each year. Summer sessions begin June 16 each year through September 14. Accepted applicants will be required to participate in online class sessions and on-campus face to face classes; both components will be held on days and times that are agreed to be mutually convenient for the students, instructors, and teaching assistants. On days when the campus is closed classes will still continue through online sessions, including Saturday sessions to be scheduled in tandem with both school and University calendars.  In order to receive a High School Diploma (or High School Certificate), students must meet all BLASS requirements consistent with relevant Country or State Education Agency’s policies. In order to receive college/University credits, students must meet all BLASS requirements consistent with the relevant university policies. And in order to receive workforce certifications, students must meet BLASS requirements consistent with professional competencies and/or industry certification requirements.


  1. During the academic year (September – June) students are expected to spend several hours per week in course- and career-related activities outside of the scheduled online sessions. An electronic journal of course-related activities must be submitted.


  1. All participants and at least one parent/guardian must attend mandatory orientation sessions on To-Be-Determined (TBD) days.


  1. Participate in occasional mandatory webinars and Laboratory sessions.

The online application is available at

Select BLASS College- and Career-prep Secondary School from the dropdown menu under “Type of Program/Service Needed.” Only 50 incoming J.S.S.3/S.S.S.1 students will be admitted for the 2019/2020 academic year.