Blended Learning and Study Center is actively involved in various research studies and publications in the field of online and blended learning. This is part of its ongoing effort to contribute to the field of E-Learning and distance education. Consulting services are always available.

Below are some publications and presentations:


  • Adebowale, K. & Teng, T. (2019) PATHs: The framework for identifying and measuring learning analytics in online and blended course environments—opportunities for building predictive analytics models of student outcomes. Journal of Learning Analytics. (Manuscript submitted)
  • Youngjin, K. & Adebowale, K. (2019) Teaching self-care activities online and examining its spillover effects. (working paper)
  • Egiebor, E. & Adebowale, K. (2019) Using instructional media to improve student learning outcomes in online environmental toxicology courses. (working paper)
  • Alamu, J. & Adebowale, K. (2019) Evaluating success factors that affect international students in online learning environments. (working paper)
  • Uddin, M. & Adebowale, K. (2019) Effectiveness of using online (distance) learning technologies in accounting courses.
  • “Learner Analytics Patterns of Online Students’ Interactions with Course Contents— Impacts on Student Outcomes, and Usefulness for Predictive Models to Optimize Student Outcomes in Online Courses in Blackboard Learn Learning Management System of Stony Brook University’s School of Professional Development.” (2017) Adebowale, Oluwakayode Chidebem Victor. State University of New York at Stony Brook, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.
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  • Adebowale, K. & Teng, T. (2014) The impact of transactional distance dialogic interactions on student learning outcomes in online and blended learning environments. Computers & Education Journal.


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