About Blended Learning Academy for STEM Study (BLASS) College- and Career-prep Secondary School

The Goal of BLASS is to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) throughout the Globe using online and blended learning modalities of instructional delivery.

BLASS is open to students and individuals that are interested in the STEM fields. BLASS hopes to empower students, especially female students to pursue STEM-related fields.

Rationale for BLASS?

Strengthening K-12 STEM education is a critical component of keeping U.S.A, Nigeria and Africa competitive in the global economy. However, the number of disadvantaged students in Nigeria with access to quality schools, and STEM-related fields and careers has often lagged behind their peers in other countries. The traditional high school system has not been effective in preparing students for entry into scientific, technical, health-related fields, and the licensed professions. Several logistical challenges still exist, such as seat-time requirements and geographical distance that have led to low enrollments, retention, continuity, and sustainability. BLASS provides access to a flexible education and career-prep programs that are available 24/7.

BLASS Mission

To establish and deliver an innovative 24/7 hybrid STEM education that prepares students for college and careers.

This Mission will be accomplished by incorporating already proven track records in academic research and minority STEM outreach programs, as well as the established strong faculty and infrastructural support at various U.S. and Nigerian universities and Organizations (such as Rotary International).

BLASS Vision

To implement competency-based, STEM-based affordable modern high schools/secondary schools (grades 9-12 or JSS3/SSS1 to SSS3) without transportation and financial barriers, while ensuring attainment of undergraduate and graduate degrees and workforce certifications through collaborations with higher education institutions in The United States of America and Nigeria, as well as industries and corporations.

BLASS High School Curriculum (U.S.A and Nigerian Curriculum)

BLASS U.S. High School curriculum is powered by The Keystone School, a leader in flexible education models with over 40 years experience. The Keystone School is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s State Board of Private Licensed Schools, and it is accredited by AdvancEd and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Secondary Schools.

BLASS Nigerian Secondary School curriculum is hosted by BLASS on its synchronous intuitive online platform delivered through Canvas Learning Management System. BLASS Secondary School in Nigeria is in the process of being licensed and accredited by the Ogun State Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Nigeria.

BLASS College Courses and Programs

BLASS has partnered with some universities and colleges in The U.S. to provide college courses in various fields to BLASS students and members.

BLASS Workforce Certifications and Career Skills

BLASS has partnered with several corporations and organizations to provide its students and members with training in various careers that will culminate in certifications and career-readiness badges. BLASS also runs its own special programs.