Mission Statement

The mission of BLSC is to promote equity in education for all students regardless of their socioeconomic status. As a college-prep and career-prep Center we help students attain higher education degrees and transition into careers through acquiring job skills.

Vision Statement

To ensure that students get access to a global education that will give them a competitive advantage in getting into the best institutions of higher education, and equip them with the job skills needed to adapt to a dynamic workforce.


BLSC is founded on the philosophy that students are college- and work-force ready when they are placed in a holistically nurturing environment that provides exposure to emerging technologies, corporate experience, extracurricular programs, mentors, and personalized learning and relationships.

Becoming a BLSC Member gives you access to:

  1. Personalized online tutoring
  2. College Advisement and Career Counseling
  3. Access to job skills
  4. Help with homework and projects.
  5. Study Abroad and Youth Exchange Programs
  6. Field and corporate Trips, College and High School Tours, and Tours to other states and countries.
  7. Internships, Externships, summer programs, research programs, jobs, scholarships, grants, academic competitions, collegiate programs, etc.
  8. Mentoring by notable personalities, entrepreneurs, successful students, and professionals.
  9. A platform for studying and collaborating with other students and mentors.
  10. Apply today!

Overall Benefits

  • Sense of belonging to BLSC “family”.
  • Stress-free environment for learning and collaboration.
  • Peace for parents and students knowing there are mentors and professionals in the field monitoring the success and progress of all members.
  • 24/7 access to information and answers through BLSC online platform.